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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    • 1 ps
    • 2 pS
    • 3 Ps
    • 4 PS


    ps may refer to:

    • Postscript writing added after the main body of a letter
    • .ps, the Palestinian Internet domain extension or top-level domain (ccTLD)
    • Pashto language, ISO 639 alpha-2 language code
    • a picosecond or 1 E-12 s, an SI unit of time equivalent to 10−12 of a second, standard abbreviation ps (uncapitalized)
    • ps (Unix), an application that displays statistics on running processes
    • United p.s., a "Premium Service" offered by United Airlines.


    pS may refer to:

    • picosiemens, an SI unit of electric conductance; see: pico- and siemens (unit) ,merda


    Ps may refer to:

    • Pastor, a minister in a Pentecostal Christian Church
    • Peta second, an SI unit of time equivalent to 1015 seconds; see: Peta- and second
    • Psalms, a book in the Tanakh or Christian Bible
    • Positronium, pseudo-chemical symbol


    Look up PS in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

    PS may refer to:

    • Chloropicrin, a highly toxic chemical compound
    • Paddle steamer - a steamboat or steamship operated by paddle propulsion
    • Palau, FIPS PUB 10-4 territory code
    • Palestinian territories, ISO 3166 country code
    • Parametric Stereo
    • Personal Secretary
    • Pferdestärke (horse strength), the German homologue of horsepower; it is a unit of power still commonly used in Europe, South America and Japan, especially by the automotive and motorcycle industry
    • Phosphatidylserine, a phospholipid
    • Plastic surgery
    • Please Send
    • Please See
    • Police Sergeant
    • Police station
    • Polystyrene, a common type of plastic
    • Porous silicon
    • Postscript, (post scriptum), a message appended to a letter after the writers signature
    • Power steering
    • Power supply
    • Professional services, especially those provided by a vendor
    • Proton Synchrotron, a 1959 particle accelerator at CERN
    • Pulmonary valve stenosis
    • Ukraine International Airlines, IATA airline designator

    In computers:

    • Adobe Photoshop, a graphics editor and creator by Adobe
    • PostScript, a page description language
    • MPEG program stream, a MPEG-2 container format
    • Windows PowerShell, a Microsoft application
    • Pixel shader
    • Power supply

    In education:

    • Public school (government funded), e.g., P.S. 31
    • Preschool education

    In entertainment, music and literature:

    • Priory of Sion, Prieuré de Sion, mentioned in The Da Vinci Code
    • PS Classics, a record label
    • P.S., a 2004 film
    • P.S. I Love You (1934 song), a 1934 song by Johnny Mercer and Gordon Jenkins
    • P.S. I Love You (The Beatles song), a 1962 song by John Lennon and Paul McCartney
    • P.S. I Love You (Film), a 2007 film
    • P.S. (A Toad Retrospective), a compilation album of music by Toad the Wet Sprocket
    • P.S. (album), a compilation album of film music by Goran Bregovic
    • PS, a song by The Books from the album The Lemon of Pink
    • Plein Soleil, 1960 film

    Political parties:

    • Parti Socialiste (see disambiguation)
    • Partido Socialista (see disambiguation)
    • Socialist Party of Albania Partia Socialiste
    • Socialist Party of Chile Partido Socialista de Chile
    • Socialist Party of Romania Partidul Socialist [din România]
    • Social Democratic Party (Andorra) Partit Socialdemòcrata


    • Pacific Securities, Kunming, Yunnan
    • PeopleSoft, an ERP software company
    • PeopleSupport, a Los Angeles-based business process outsourcing company
    • Pyramid scheme, tricking people into making money for a company/individual through obligations and false pretenses of mutual gain

    In video games:

    • PlayStation, a proprietary TV game console by Sony
    • PSone
    • Pet Society
    • PlayStation 2
    • PlayStation 3
    • PlayStation Portable
    • Phantasy Star (series), series of RPG games by SEGA
    • PlanetSide, a MMOFPS by Sony
    • Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, a Game Boy Advance video game
    • Pokémon Gold and Silver, a Game Boy Color video game
    • Pokémon Snap, a Nintendo 64 video game
    • Pokémon Stadium, a Nintendo 64 video game
    • Pokémon Stadium 2, a Nintendo 64 video game
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